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Im a 22-year-old lady. My dad try Muslim and was born in Kuwait.

Im a 22-year-old lady. My dad try Muslim and was born in Kuwait.

Special Amy: your mummy would be Roman Chatolic and grew up in america (but turned after are in my father). I had been increased Muslim.

Yourself, i actually do not always go through the institution, but I do has regard toward it for my personal adults’ benefit.

I’m currently in a very really serious union with a 21-year-old Christian United states man, who is as just as nonreligious because I are. The connection is very serious, therefore get spoken of marriage and our personal future along just about every day.

Since your people have become dedicated inside their religion, i’ve never ever discussed for them about my personal commitment (or around any one of the preceding dating).

I realize they just do not count on me to get an arranged relationship, but we have never spoken about they prior to, except whenever I was youthful hence was actually anytime I isn’t also able to become friends with kids (forbidden inside religion, or perhaps within my father’s eyesight).

I’d really like some suggestions about how to approach the circumstance to talk to them to make all of them understand. Whenever my mummy observed a photo of me personally cuddling a man, she said it may well “kill my dad.” I don’t want to disturb these people.

I know it will be easier first my woman, since the woman is the American one, but Not long ago I have no that sorts of commitment together.


Curious: centered on my own basic information about the issue of Muslim/Christian relationships, while a Muslim man try permitted to marry a Christian lady, a Muslim lady is certainly not allowed to marry a Christian people and remain when you look at the religion.