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BitLife: Love, Relationships, and Family Guide and Guidelines

BitLife: Love, Relationships, and Family Guide and Guidelines

BitLife is a casino game where you are able to simulate the lifetime of someone only using text. It is possible to live from year to 12 months, live a life that is full and build an income, you could also participate in relationships along with other individuals. You may be homosexual, right, or bi, you will get hitched while having infants, it is possible to cheat or attempt to propose threesomes, and much more. Keep reading for helpful tips on all facets of love and relationships with BitLife!

From the beginning, you are able to select whether you might be homosexual, right, or bi. Many figures which you create could have tendencies that are heterosexual although some has homosexual tendencies, or both. You’ll ignore these and select whatever sex you need, then live life the way in which you need, with small noticeable impact coming from your own initial tendencies.

There after, it is possible to live either as a hero or a villain, exactly like in virtually any other facet of the game. Build a partner to your relationship by spending some time using them. Propose wedding once the connection is strong sufficient, and they’re going to many accept that is likely. Arrange the marriage, then your vacation. Then you can certainly live the life that is married.

Maternity can occur whenever you want, particularly in a relationship that is heterosexual.