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Exactly How Do Ugly Men Get Pretty Girlfriends?

Exactly How Do Ugly Men Get Pretty Girlfriends?

Many guys don’t think about on their own to be unsightly.

In reality, in accordance with a current poll that I went from the community element of my YouTube channel, just 3percent of dudes price on their own as unsightly.

Many guys level themselves as either looking that is average attractive, with a small % rating themselves since excellent searching and substandard looking.

Therefore, you’re not likely one of many 3% per cent of guys who rate by themselves to be unsightly.

Yet, something that you’re almost certainly likely to have commonly with almost every other man who watches this video clip, is the fact that you might rate as being ugly, below average looking or weird looking with a girl that is better looking than him that you have been walking along somewhere at some point in your life and you’ve seen a guy.