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We have BPD and I also’m confused about my relationship?

We have BPD and I also’m confused about my relationship?

My father is just a psychopath! Just how to deal? Have always been we crazy?

spouse bpd?

Borderline PD. dumped me personally

really, it is a tremendously experience that is scary me personally. I acquired together he was under prozac with me boyfriend when. through the withdrawal duration until we were still alright before he took remeron. but in him& it feels like we have never been in love before after he took remeron, things like took a 360 degrees change.

could psychological medications cause you to definitely fall in love & come out of love? i dont want become under an impact that prozac provided me with a boyfriend & remeron took away me personally boyfriend. many thanks.

Indirectly i guess they might. I do not expect it’s autumn in or away from love but alternatively an apathy or shortage of great interest which can be because of the condition the medication has been proposed to take care of or as a result of medicine it self. If an individual were to fall inside and outside of love I would personally concern whether it had been love to begin with or i might concern exactly what caused the change.

How exactly does the man you’re seeing feel in the brand brand new med? Does he feel better or worse? I believe you have to have a discussion along with your boyfriend to discover what’s going on.